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Nail Jewelry Tools and Supplies
Nail Artist Scissors

Stainless Steel - surgical sharp - ideal for the precise

trimming of Nail Artist Striping Tape. The perfect

implement for delicate fiberglass and silk wrap.

$5.95 each - 2 for $9.95
Nail Art Brushes by Grand Champion
The finest Nail Art Brushes made... by Grand Champion

"Nail Art" Brush #NA301 - $5.95 "Mini Striper" Brush #NA302 - $5.95

Set of both Nail Art Brushes Reg. $11.95 - NOW $9.95 - #NA310

Note: Nail Art Brushes have been enlarged to show detail.

Nail Art Brush is 6MM (1/4 inch +) Mini Striper is 20MM (1/2 inch +)

Toe and Finger Ring Sizer

Stop guessing when ordering Finger and Toe Rings

These easy to use plastic ring gauges include all of the
popular sizes for you to size the smallest pinkie,
the largest thumb and even the cutest toe.

$5.95 Each - 2 for $9.95
Professional Ring Mandrel - check the size of any ring - $9.95
Gold / Silver Nail Adhesive

The best adhesive for use on Gold and Silver Nails.

1/2 ounce bottle with brush in the cap will hold
the Nail firmly in place for up to seven days.

Dries clear and can easily be removed
when it's time to reposition the Gold / Silver Nail.

$9.95 Each - 2 for $16.95
Lustre Finish Nail Art and Charm Sealer

A perfect Top Coat for all of your hand painted Nail Art designs

and a must when applying "Polish Secure" Nail Charms .

1/2 ounce bottle with brush in the cap is twice as thick as

leading top coats and dries crystal clear in just minutes.

$5.95 Each - 2 for $9.95
Hagerty Jewelry Polish Cloth

This two piece 4" X 6" polishing cloth removes tarnish from
fine Silver, Gold and Platinum. Perfect for all Sterling Silver
and 14K Gold Nails, Nail Charms and Toe Rings

The white inner treated cloth cleans, polishes and applies a
tarnish preventing barrier to the jewelry while the outer
cotton flannel cloth buffs the jewelry to a gleaming luster.

$6.95 each - 2 for $11.95
Hagerty Silver Jewelry Cleaner

A gentle formula that instantly removes tarnish from all of

your precious Sterling Silver Jewelry and Silverware.

Simply dip, rinse and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Handy dipping basket included. 3 1/2 ounce.

$6.95 each - 2 for $11.95
Nail Charm Nuts

Package of 12 fits all Nail Art a la carte

Nail Charm Posts - $9.95
Nail Charm Installation Tool

Professional Model - Solid Brass - Finger rest spinner top - Reverses
from a drill that makes the perfect size opening for Nail Charms to a
mini wrench that holds and securely tightens Nail Charm Nuts.

Nail Charm Installation Tool is available only with the purchase of any
combination of 14K Gold, Sterling Silver or Goldplate "Posted" Nail
Charms totalling $79.00 or more.

After the Nail Charms have been added to the Secure Shiopping Cart
just click on the "Order Nail Charm Installation Tool" button below.

$19.95 Each