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NSI Attraction Nail Liquid
Pink and White and Clear Powders

Most nail liquids on the market today contain one primary
monomer EMA. Attraction Nail Liquid incorporates tri-monomer
composite chemistry. Contains a UV Shield to prohibit
discoloring and will not fade the nail enhancement.

Exceptional adhesion, unsurpassed color intensity and never
any crystallization. Attraction is water repellent and low odor
creating a beautiful long lasting nail enhancement. Powders are
triple linked polymers to deliver exceptional adhesion, strength
and flexibility. Color stable and non-yellowing.

NSI Attraction Nail Liquid
NSIAL4 - 4 oz $19.95
NSIAL8 - 8 oz $32.95
NSIAL16 - 16 oz $49.95
NSIAL32 - 32 oz $86.95
Radiant Pink Attraction Powder
NSIAPP1 - 1.4 oz $12.95
NSIAPP4 - 4.5 OZ $32.95
NSIAPP8 - 8.8 OZ $49.95
Radiant White Attraction Powder
NSIAPW1 - 1.4 oz $12.95
NSIAPW4 - 4.5 OZ $32.95
NSIAPW8 - 8.8 OZ $49.95
Clear Attraction Powder
NSIAPC1 - 1.4 oz $12.95
NSIAPC4 - 4.5 OZ $32.95
NSIAPC8 - 8.8 OZ $49.95
NSI Line Out

Erases and eliminates fill and repair lines. Not a
primer or glue, but a Thermo-Setting Resin. Line
Out penetrates under edge of previously applied
product bonding with the natural nail during refill
application. Compatible with all acrylic and gel nail

1. Prepare acrylic nails as usual. Buff down the
previously applied product until it is flush with the
new growth.
2. Clean nail plate with alcohol and apply primer.
Allow primer to dry.
3. Apply Line Out along the acrylic line, allowing it
to seep under the fill edge. Product remains tacky.
4. Apply acrylic product.

#NSILO- 1/4 oz Line Out $8.95
#NSILO1- 1/2 oz Line Out $13.95

NSI Line Out

Erases and eliminates fill & repair lines.
No Lift Nails Nail Primer
The manicurists #1 choice for acrylic nail primer.
Prevents lifting from natural nail plate.
Compatible with all acrylic systems. Plastic
container prevents breakage and special cap
prevents spillage.

#NLNP - 1/2 oz $12.95

No Lift Nails
Nail Primer



Round Brushes

Size _8 $19.95 - #BE8
Size _9 $19.95 - #BE9
Size 10 $19.95 - #BE10
Size 12 $19.95 - #BE12
Size 14 $19.95 - #BE14
Kolinsky and Pure Red Sable
Acrylic Nail Brushes
Flat Brushes

Size_ 8 $19.95 - #B8F
Size 10 $19.95 - #B10F
Size 12 $19.95 - #B12F
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